Bruce motha fuckin Enrique (pookumspie) wrote in no_one_loves_us,
Bruce motha fuckin Enrique

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im bored and lonely

kinda quiet in here huh?

i hate going out in public recently. there are annoying happy couples every where.
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I know, same here, a sudden influx of homecoming dates have been influencing my life.
::shudder:: homecoming.
you just have to put on a happy face and act like it doesn't affect you, cuz being sad about doesn't change anything... trust me
:-O ! you and chris made me wanna barf tonight what are u talking about? besides i'm all the woman you'll ever need <333
u are all the woman i will ever need. and chris....i dont want a relationship or anything. but he is awsome. and i made u wanna barf? lets recap the last almost 6 years of our friendship - u always had a boyfriend, i was in my ugly stage and alone, and u were always making me want to puke. revenge is mine! except u arnt in an ugly stage. god damn it.
our school sucks.
too many happy people.

and it tends to be quiet in here. I think we all forget about this community.
i kno whut you...i hate seeing happy couples makes memad cause hen they get me thinking "will i be alone forever?" and then i told myself "sadly but yes you will be alone forever" here if you ned to talk!!